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The Syrian Coalition: The United Nations left the Syrians under the rubble and supported the Assad regime

The Syrian National Coalition considered that the United Nations’ dealing with the devastating earthquake that struck northwestern Syria was “politicized”.

The Coalition said in a statement on Sunday evening that the UN organizations provided support to the Assad regime, and left the Syrians in northern Syria to die under the rubble.

The Coalition added that the United Nations organizations’ handling of the devastating earthquake does not take into account the needs of the entire region.

The Coalition called on the international community to take immediate and effective action without involving the Security Council and the United Nations to provide assistance to the Syrians, to send specialized teams and to establish urgent shelters for tens of thousands of displaced families.

The coalition confirmed that the United Nations had failed to reduce the damages of the catastrophe in northwestern Syria, calling for an investigation concerning the negative response to the earthquake in areas outside Assad’s control.

The death toll from the devastating earthquake in northern Syria has crossed more than 3000 people until Monday morning, and in Turkey more than 29605 killed, and 147934 people have been evacuated from the earthquake areas to other states, according to the Turkish disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD).

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