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Delegation of 14 Syrian doctors based in the US has arrived in northern Syria to help people affected by the earthquake

A delegation of “Syrian doctors” on Tuesday has arrived at Bab al-Hawa border crossing with Turkey to help the people affected by the devastating earthquake that hit northwest Syria.

The delegation consists of 14 doctors based in the United States. The delegation will enter the liberated areas to help in treating those affected by the earthquake.

A UN delegation entered the opposition-held areas in northwestern Syria, and it is considered the first delegation since the devastating earthquake hit Syria. The UN delegation entered through Bab al-Hawa border crossing and headed towards Saramda city in southern Idleb countryside.

A UN official in Geneva told “AFP” news agency that the visit to Syria aimed to “assess” the damage.

The visit comes after the United Nations delayed to bring relief aid convoys into northern Syria in response to the earthquake, which deeply resented the people.

A devastating earthquake hit Syria at dawn on Monday 6 Feb. 2023, killing thousands of people and causing massive damage to the buildings. The Syrian Civil Defense teams continue search and rescue operations as rescuers face great obstacles and difficulties, coinciding with the shortage of capabilities and necessary mechanisms and equipment for rescuing people.

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