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The Guardian: We should find a way to help the forgotten people in northwest Syria

The Guardian newspaper published a report demanding to immediately deliver assistance to the earthquake victims in northwest Syria.

The Guardian confirmed that “ways must be found through Turkey to help the forgotten in northwest Syria, a week has passed amid tears, bereavement, and abandon.”

The newspaper pointed out that the earthquake massive damage, and left more than 35,000 people dead in Turkey and Syria.

The report stated that the earthquake is one of the worst natural disasters of the century, and there are still hundreds of thousands of people trapped under the rubble.

The report indicated that the final death toll may never be known due to the large number of people who remain trapped under the rubble. Millions of people have displaced and communities have been razed from the face of the earth.

The newspaper emphasized that it is not logical to leave the people affected by the disaster to their fate. Diplomacy and international pressure must play their role to get out of the impasse and overcome divisions in order to alleviate human suffering.

There are still hundreds of thousands of people trapped under the rubble, at a time their relatives are praying for a miracle to bring them out from under it.

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