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“Response Coordinators”: UN Assistance to the North of Syria remains at minimum

On Thursday, the Syrian Response Coordinators released a report saying that the number of people displaced by the earthquake has so far reached approximately 171,843 civilians, while the population of the shelters has reached 35,843, spread across 172 shelters across the north of Syria.

In its report, the group stressed that the United Nations assistance provided to the north-western regions of Syria since the beginning of the earthquake’s first day remains within the threshold.

Only 114 United Nations trucks entered the Bab al-Hawa crossing, despite the opening of two additional crossings.

He noted that there is a significant politicization of aid, and that most of it goes to areas under the control of the Assad regime, although the proportion of those affected in northwestern Syria is 88%, and 12% in areas of the regime.

In the report, the group criticized the United Nations’ failure to assume its humanitarian and moral responsibility towards those affected by the earthquake in the northern Syrian region.

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