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Belgium announces visas for Syrian and Turkish people affected by earthquake

Belgium announced the facilitation of visas for Syrian and Turkish earthquake-affected people with families and relatives there.

Belgian Minister of State for Asylum and Immigration Nicole de Moore said that “Turks and Syrians affected by earthquakes with Belgian relatives can obtain a temporary visa for Belgium faster”.

De Moor added that in this way they could find temporary shelter with their relatives, according to Belgian media.

De Moore explained that everyone had seen images of the devastating earthquake, and many Belgians had families in the affected areas and wanted to help their relatives.

The decision would also include persons who were in Belgium with a short-stay visa and would soon have to leave the country, noting that such persons could apply for an extension, saying: “You can’t go back if your house doesn’t exist anymore.”

According to United Nations estimates, some 6.1 million people have been affected by the earthquake in Syria and Turkey on 6/2/2023.

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