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US Senate: Assad regime is unreliable to hand over aid to Syrian people

President of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Republican Senator Bob Menendez, confirmed that the Assad regime has repeatedly shown that it is neither an impartial mediator nor a reliable destination to hand over aid to the Syrian people.

This was commented on a report entitled “Bashar al-Assad uses disaster diplomacy to return to the world stage”, published earlier by The New York Times.

In his tweet on Twitter, Menendez stressed the need to maintain independent access to humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people, who need it most, away from the regime’s head, Bashar al-Assad.

The United Kingdom warned against sending international aid to Syria because it could reach the wrong hands, after the regime’s head, Bashar al-Assad, agreed to open two new crossings with Turkey to northwestern Syria.

Experts on the Syrian situation and relief workers have previously warned of Assad’s corrupt record, which could repeat itself, leaving more than 20 million Syrians without essential assistance to help them live under this disaster.

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