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UN announces the use of three border crossings to deliver aid into northern Syria

The United Nations announced that it is now using three border crossings to deliver humanitarian aid into the earthquake-affected areas in northwest Syria.

The spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General, Stéphane Dujarric, said at a press conference: ” The first UN convoy crossed through al-Rai border crossing to northern Aleppo after the Assad regime agreed to its use for aid deliveries, which brings to three fully operating border crossings for the United Nations.”

Dujarric added that “The convoy contains ten trucks carrying shelter and other items from the International Organization for Migration.”

Dujarric made it clear that “Preparations are underway to send more trucks through all three border crossings, and the UN continues to work with its partners to scale up operations in other parts of Syria.”

Dujarric stressed that “UN is also trying to find long-term options for families who cannot return to their homes due to damaged buildings, and Food and other aid are being distributed to families, including those who have returned to their homes.”

Dujarric pointed out that “The top priority for aid remains for the impacted areas, as thousands of people remain in collective shelters throughout Syria.”

It is noteworthy that this convoy is part of the program’s larger response to the earthquake, which includes delivering food to 127,000 people in northwestern Syria since the earthquake occurred, bringing the number of trucks that the United Nations has sent so far to 227 trucks to northwestern Syria since February 9.

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