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UN Official: humanitarian response to the earthquake in Syria had not exceeded 17%

The Deputy Director of Operations and Advocacy at the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Ghada Mudawi, said on Wednesday that the humanitarian response to the earthquake in Syria and southern Turkey had not exceeded 17% so far, in conjunction with the aftershocks.

According to the United Nations Information Centre, the humanitarian and living situation in the north-western Syrian region was extremely poor before the earthquake, in terms of higher prices of food and medicine, and after the earthquake it rose even more.

The United Nations and its partners continued to expand cross-border relief operations to assist civilians affected by the earthquake in the region.

Mudawi stressed the need to provide resources to support life-saving relief efforts in both Syria and Turkey, pointing out that what is most needed for those affected is food and supplies for winter.

According to ESCWA, more than 4 million civilians in northwestern Syria rely heavily on humanitarian support, and more than 9 million people have been affected in Syria by the earthquake.

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