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Assad regime claims more than 2,000 schools damaged by earthquake

The Assad regime claimed in a report published on its website that the number of schools affected by the earthquake in Syria was more than 2,000, listing the schools destroyed by the bombing as being affected by the earthquake.

The Director of Planning and International Cooperation in the Ministry of Education of the Assad regime, Ghassan al-Shaghari, said: “2,288 schools were affected by the earthquake, an estimated 1,058 were slightly damaged and 1,042 were moderate.”

He added: “188 schools are out of service, bringing the total to 2288.”

Well-informed sources have indicated that all figures and reported earnings about the earthquake are not real, nor are they considered unreasonable by the Assad regime to increase the magnitude of the losses, exploit the earthquake as an excuse and direct cause of the areas destroyed by the bombing.

Assad regime forces and Russia are the most responsible for destroying schools and educational facilities. Assad regime forces destroyed about 1,199 schools and educational facilities, while Russian forces destroyed about 221 educational facilities in Syria, from March 2011 to June 2022.

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