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“Accountability Month “. Washington launches campaign to hold the Assad regime accountable for its crimes in Syria

On Wednesday, the United States launched a campaign entitled “Accountability Month”, confirming that Washington is committed to holding the Assad regime and the perpetrators of humanitarian crimes in Syria accountable.

This came via a tweet on the account of the U.S. Embassy in Damascus, in conjunction with the approaching twelfth anniversary of the Syrian Revolution.

The embassy said: “In the twelfth year, the Syrian people face unimaginable suffering, war, atrocities, displacement, enforced disappearance, corona, Cholera and the recent earthquake,”.

Washington considers that what the Syrian people were going through was a major misfortune that Syrians in various regions had to endure.

In its tweet, the Embassy stressed its full commitment to Syrians, stating: “We remain clear in our policy, that it is unacceptable that Bashar al-Assad exploited this disaster for political gain, and he has not been held accountable for his crimes to date.”

The Assad regime’s crimes against the Syrian people were incalculable and amounted to war crimes.

The Embassy concluded its tweet that the Assad regime’s escape from accountability and punishment was unacceptable.

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