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Saudi foreign minister: Assad’s return to the Arab League is still early

Saudi Foreign Minister prince Faisal bin Farhan said in press statements on Tuesday that increasing the engagement with Assad regime could pave the way for Syria’s return to the Arab League, but it is still early to talk about it.

Farhan added that consensus is increasing in the Arab World that isolating Syria is not working and that dialogue with Damascus is necessary, especially to address the humanitarian situation there.

Farhan confirmed on February 19 that a consensus was building in the Arab world that it is useless to isolate Syria and that dialogue with the Assad regime is needed “at some point” in order to at least address humanitarian issues, including the return of refugees.

Farhan said last December that the countries of the region should work together to find a political solution to the ongoing 12-year war in Syria.

It is noteworthy that some Arab countries, primarily the Gulf countries, began last year to restore diplomatic relations with Damascus. Several Arab and Western countries warned against attempts to normalize relations with the Assad regime under the pretext of humanitarian catastrophe caused by the earthquake on February 6, 2023 .

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