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Akar: We are waiting for Damascus to understand our position towards the Syrian Democratic Forces near our borders

Turkish defence minister Hulusi Akar said on Sunday that “his country waits for Assad regime to understand its position towards the Syrian Democratic Forces.”

This statement came during his talk with Anadolu’s Editors’ Desk in Hatay province, south Turkey. Akar confirmed that Assad regime should understand the position of his country towards the People’s Defense Units (YPG) in order to protect Turkey’s borders from the terrorist organizations.

Akar added that we support the ongoing talks between Ankara and Damascus following the technical meetings which will be held next week.

Akar stated that we have no intention to occupy any inch of the Syrian territory and that we are fighting “terrorist organizations” that only target us and threaten the security and stability of the areas near the Syrian border.

Akar pointed out that more than 56,000 Syrians in Turkey have voluntarily returned to their home country after the devastating earthquake, causing a humanitarian catastrophe due to the massive devastation that have left tens of thousands of people dead and injured.

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