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“The Syrian Network for Human Rights”: Over 22,000 children have been killed at the hands of Assad regime since March 2011

“The Syrian Network for Human Rights” (SNHR) released a report on Sunday, in which it documented the death of more than 22,000 children at the hand of Assad regime forces since 2011.

The report made it clear that 190 Syrian children have died due to torture in Assad regime’s jails, and 5,000 children have been detained or forcibly disappeared between March 2011and March 2023.

The report said that 22,981 children have been killed at the hands of Assad regime forces, the Lebanese Hezbollah militia, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard militia. The death toll was 12,000 males, and more than 10,000 females.

The SNHR confirmed that the vast majority of children were killed due to the airstrikes launched by Assad regime against civilians in various Syrian areas. The SNHR pointed out that Assad regime’s air and artillery shelling focused during the 11 years on markets, schools, residential neighborhoods, medical centers, and camps.

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