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The Syrian Opposition Coalition condemns the violations against the Syrians on the Turkish borders

The Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC) condemned on Tuesday the violations committed by the Turkish border guard against the Syrians. The SOC confirmed that it pursues with strong interest the unfortunate incidents that occur on the Syrian-Turkish border.

The SOC pointed out that the individuals who involved in the killing and torturing several Syrian men should be hold accountable and to preserve the distinctive brotherly bonds which unites the Syrian and Turkish peoples.

The SOC emphasized that it communicated a few days ago with the Turkish government concerning such incidents and called for opening investigations in order to identify the motives of the involved members and hold them accountable and avoid such incidents in the future.

The director of the public relations and media office at the Bab al-Hawa crossing Mazen Alloush confirmed the arrival of 8 people coming from Turkey at exactly one o’clock on Sunday morning. These 8 men had been severely beaten by the Turkish border guards, therefore one of them died and the rest were seriously injured and suffered from fractures.

The Turkish gendarmerie repeatedly kill the people in the camps or civilians working in their agricultural lands near the Syrian-Turkish border, and others trying to cross the border to the Turkish side, where many cases of killing and assault have been recorded over the past years.

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