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Massive demonstrations in the liberated north to mark the 12th anniversary of the Syrian revolution

Hundreds of people on Wednesday took the streets in Idleb city and northern Syria to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the start of the Syrian revolution.

Radio Fresh’s correspondent said that massive demonstrations took place on Wednesday afternoon in Idleb’s “Sabaa Bahrat” Square and many cities and towns in northern Syria to mark the anniversary of the Syrian revolution. The demonstration entitled “We live and Assad dies.”

The correspondent added that the demonstrators in the liberated areas emphasized the ongoing revolution and fighting for freedom which was their demand years ago despite the international community’s failure to overthrow the Assad regime and its security branches.

The Salvation Government in Idleb province announced in a statement that Wednesday is an official holiday for all institutions and schools to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the Syrian revolution and to prepare for the demonstration.

The Syrian revolution began on 15 March 2011. The civilians protested peacefully in Daraa city and then the demonstrations took place in the rest of the Syrian cities, calling for freedom and overthrowing the regime. The protesters were confronted by Assad’s brutal crackdown, so hundreds of thousands of people were killed and millions displaced inside Syria and others sought refuge in the various parts of the world.

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