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UN: those responsible for war crimes in Syria must be held accountable for what they have done within 12 years

The United Nations Fact-Finding Commission in Syria has emphasized the need to bring to justice those responsible for the atrocities committed in 12 years’ time.

In a statement on the occasion of the 12th anniversary of the revolution in Syria, the Committee stated that the country remains deeply divided, the people suffering and being bombed by the Assad regime and a large number of states.

The statement noted that, despite numerous calls for solidarity, the devastating earthquake in a country suffering from years of man-made disasters, in which hospitals and schools were destroyed, indicated that the immediate resumption of attacks in the earthquake area exposes cruelty and pessimism on the part of the responsible parties.

The Syrian people’s interests and fundamental respect for their humanity had become victims of the conflict, while tens of thousands of people were still being arbitrarily detained separately from the outside world.

The statement pointed out that it should not be a foregone conclusion that violations, abuses and crimes will continue until the thirteenth year, stressing the need to put the interest of the Syrian people first, make every effort to move towards a peaceful and negotiated solution to the conflict and finally put Syria on a path towards an independent, prosperous and just future for all its peoples.

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