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US State: We do not support normalization with the Assad regime and the time has come to end the war in Syria

US State Department spokesman Samuel Weiberg said his country did not support normalization or any efforts to support and rehabilitate the Assad regime, stressing that it should be held accountable for its crimes and use of chemical weapons against civilians.

In a statement to Syrian television on Friday, the regional spokesman confirmed that it was time to end the war in Syria and begin the political process.

He called on the international community to focus on the Syrian issue and the suffering of the Syrian people, as well as to intensify efforts to find a way to end the war in the country.

The European Union’s spokesman for the Middle East and North Africa, Luis Bueno, stressed that the European position on the Assad regime had been clear since the beginning of the Syrian revolution and had never changed.

Bueno noted that the European Union will hold a new conference in Brussels to discuss the future of Syria and Syrians on July 15.

The United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany and France have previously issued a joint statement, on the occasion of the 12th anniversary of the Syrian Revolution, calling for the Al-Assad regime to be held accountable for human rights violations in Syria, stressing that it will not print its relations with the Al-Assad regime, nor lift sanctions against it.

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