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938 Tents in 45 camps have been damaged after a rainstorm hit northwestern Syria

The Syrian Civil Defence (The White Helmets) said that the rainstorm that hit the region of northwestern Syria damaged hundreds of camps through the past 24 hours.

The Syrian Civil Defence added that more than 938 tents in 45 camps were damaged after a rainstorm hit the region. More than 20 camps and shelters, which were set up for those affected by the earthquake, were also damaged.

More than 20 houses were damaged in the camp of “Youssef Bek” village in the countryside of Jarablus city eastern Aleppo as the rainwater seeped partially into it due to the rainstorm.

Hasan al-Hassan, a volunteer in the Syria Civil Defense, told Fresh Online that their teams responded to the great damage in Hafsarja and Sahl al-Roj towns and the camps in Adwan town in Idleb western countryside due to the torrential rains.

He added that the dozens of camps and shelters for the survivors of the earthquake were flooded by the rainstorm. The families left the affected camps in light of the harsh weather conditions.

The Syrian Civil Defense recommended the residents in the camps to install the tents well, especially the new ones, and to stay away from the torrents and places where water collects.

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