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The “Syrian Journalists Association” ends the first response phase for journalists affected by the earthquake

The “Syrian Journalists Association” (SJA) announced in a statement on Tuesday that it finished the first response phase for journalists affected by the earthquake in Syria and Turkey.

The statement pointed out that the (SJA) provided assistance to 49 male and female journalists in both Syria and Turkey who are severely and moderately affected.

The (SJA) relied on assessing the damage according to criteria such as the severity of injury and losing the shelter, the necessary needs, and journalism equipment as well as the concern over residing in damaged buildings, according to the statement.

The statement pointed out that distributing the financial assistance depends on needs assessment survey which the (SJA) launched on February 10, 2023. 112 Male and female journalists in both Turkey and Syria participated in the survey.

The statement said that the (SJA) took a long time collecting the necessary data, following up remittance measures, and making sure that 29 severely affected journalists received 11000 Turkish Liras, and 20 moderately affected received 7000 Turkish Liras, and 46 slightly affected were excluded.

The statement indicated that this response stemmed from the responsibility of the professional and human Association towards Syrian journalists and media activists, whether affiliated to the (SJA) as members or not. the (SJA) seeks to be an independent umbrella for Syrian journalists without discrimination in order to reach a safe environment that guarantees freedom of expression.

The (SJA) expressed its gratitude to its partners who donated about 460,000 Turkish liras, which were distributed to the beneficiaries. It called at the same time the international bodies and organizations to intensify their assistance to those affected by the earthquake, especially in Syria, which is experiencing a double humanitarian catastrophe, whether from the repercussions of the earthquake or the displacement caused by the Assad regime and its allies.

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