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EU: we are discussing a plan to support civil defence in northwestern Syria

European Union Foreign Affairs Commissioner Joseph Borrell said the Union was already looking into the possibility of providing support to the Syrian Civil Defense Organization “White Helmets” in northwestern Syria.

In a letter addressed to members of parliament, he responded to a request for funding for the work of the Syrian Civil Defence Organization, stressing that the Union has closely followed the work of the Civil Defense for years, most recently in response to the earthquake that struck the region last February.

Borrell explained that decisions on EU policy and implementation in Syria are taken regardless of whether or not the Assad regime approves them.

Earlier, members of the European Parliament sent a direct message to Borrell calling on the Union to provide direct and immediate support to the Civil Defence Organization operating in northwest Syria.

The letter stated: “The Syrian Civil Defence led the search and rescue efforts in northwestern Syria in the light of the total absence of State structures and external assistance. Accordingly, the voluntary organization relies on a decade of experience of rescue operations in the war caused by the Assad regime, which continues to destroy the area under the current catastrophic situation and politicize emergency humanitarian assistance.”

The letter stressed, “The European Union must follow suit and take this important step towards the liberation of emergency assistance. Of course, we recognize the enormous efforts of the European Union to improve the humanitarian situation in the affected region. Because of this particular commitment, we would urge you to take this important step.”

Areas of southern Turkey and northern Syria have already experienced successive earthquakes of 7.7 and 7.6 degrees on February 6, followed by thousands of violent aftershocks, resulting in significant loss of life and property.

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