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The White House: Washington does not intend to reduce its military presence in Syria

The Coordinator of Strategic Communications at the National Security Council at the White House John Kirby said that his country does not intend to reduce its military presence in Syria after the repeated attack on its military base in eastern Syria.

Kirby emphasized during an interview with “CBS” on Sunday that our mission to eliminate the Islamic State “ISIS” will not change and we are absolutely committed to it.

Kirby made it clear that there are less than 1,000 American soldiers in Syria who are carrying out this task, and this is much less than before, but it is sufficient and we will continue to carry out this task.

Kirby pointed out that he does not exclude carrying out retaliatory actions against pro-Iranian militias in Syria, saying: “I certainly do not rule out the possibility of carrying out an attack if the president deems it necessary to protect our army and bases.”

Deir Ezzor governorate has been witnessing since last Thursday the escalation of tension due to the mutual shelling between Iranian militias and US troops, leading to deaths and injuries on both sides.

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