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The Syrian Coalition: There is no peace in Syria with the presence of the Assad regime

The Syrian National Coalition said on Monday that “there is no peace in Syria and the region with the presence of the criminal Assad regime which practiced all the crimes against the Syrians”, calling for holding Assad accountable for his crimes.

The Coalition confirmed in its statement that Assad regime practiced all kinds of crimes against the Syrians such as slaughtering with knifes, shooting, shelling with artillery, barrels, and aircrafts, as well as suffocating people by using the chemical weapons.

The statement made it clear that Assad’s practicing all kinds of crimes prompt us to accelerate opening the file of international accountability and fair trial for criminals in order to achieve justice and end the tragedy of Syrians.

It is noteworthy that many Arab countries seek to rehabilitate the Assad regime and normalize relations with it, in a step that exceeds UN Security Council resolutions to reach a political solution in Syria in accordance with Resolution 2254, despite all the crimes it committed against Syrians since 2011 until now.

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