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“The Syrian Network for Human Rights”: Over 10,000 civilians have been killed due to the earthquake and the late delivery of aid into Syria

“The Syrian Network for Human Rights” (SNHR) released a report on Tuesday saying that it has documented the death of more 10000 Syrians due to the earthquake that hit northwestern Syria and southern Turkey on February 6, 2023.

The SNHR made it clear in its report that 10,024 Syrian civilians have died due to the earthquake and the late arrival of humanitarian aids provided by the organizations and the United Nations.

The SNHR said that the 10000 distributed according to areas of control as 4,191 Syrians have died in north-west Syria, 394 Syrians have died in Assad regime controlled-areas, and 5,439 Syrian refugees have died in Turkey.

The report also stated that north-west Syria has nearly 3 million displaced and forcibly displaced people from various Syrian cities. Women and children account for about 75% percent of the displaced people.

The report confirmed that the Assad regime launched dozens of military attacks on the areas affected by the earthquake, which is an approach that proves the extent of its brutality and violence towards the Syrian people.

The report called on the United Nations and donor countries to establish an international support platform to handle aid coordination operations in north-west Syria.

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