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Response Coordinators: 746 UN trucks entered northern Syria last March

The Syrian Response Coordinators team announced in a report on its official Facebook page on Sunday that the number of United Nations trucks arriving in northwest Syria through the three border crossings with Turkey during March reached 746.

According to the report, 574 trucks were distributed from the Bab al-Hawa crossing, 143 from the Bab al-Salama crossing and 29 from al-Rai crossing.

The report counted the number of United Nations trucks arriving at crossings since the earthquake events in the region, which amounted to only 1,202 trucks, constituting 80% of them for old projects and only 20% for those affected by the earthquake.

During the period following the earthquake, more than 48 visits were observed by the United Nations through near-daily delegations from all crossings to observe the region’s field realities, while the humanitarian response declined markedly in conjunction with the visit of delegations and saw no positive improvement.

The report pointed out that not all United Nations delegations entering the region witnessed the promised visit of Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Martin Griffiths. Clearly, this did not get the green light from the Assad regime and United Nations delegations’ visits were limited to agency staff and managers only.

Through the report, the Group expressed its growing concerns over the continued deficit in humanitarian financing in the face of the difficult humanitarian conditions affecting civilians in north-western Syria.

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