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Ukrainian proposal to impose sanctions on Assad regime for 50 years

The Ukrainian government announced that it had proposed a resolution to the country’s Security and Defence Council, which would impose economic sanctions on the Assad regime for 50 years, thus closing the issue of economic relations with the Assad regime for a long time.

Ukrainian Economy Minister Iulia Svridenko said in a statement: “Her Government decided to offer sanctions on the approval of the Security and Defence Council after a government meeting in the capital, Kyiv.”

“This is due to the involvement of Assad regime vessels in the illegal export of grain from Ukrainian territory under Russian control, as well as the full support of Putin, and the supply of weapons used by Russia in its attack on Ukraine.”

Ukraine’s sanctions prohibit import and export operations with Syrian citizens and their companies, investing with the Assad regime and include a total ban on transport, flights and communications of Syrian citizens through the territory of Ukraine, halt the fulfilment of their economic and financial obligations and prevent them from withdrawing their capital from Ukraine.

The sanctions include a ban on the registration of international payment systems in the National Bank of Ukraine for the Assad regime and the transfer of technology and intellectual property rights to Syrians.

Kiev had previously announced the severance of its relations with the Assad regime after recognizing the independence and sovereignty of the “Donetsk and Lugansk” republics of eastern Ukraine on 29 June 2022, considering it to be an unfriendly act and a flagrant violation of the Charter of the United Nations and the fundamental norms and principles of international law.

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