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The US State Department: Our position is unchanged regarding normalization with the Assad regime

The Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Barbara Leaf said that the United States remains firm in its opposition to the Assad regime, confirming that Washington’s position is unchanged.

Leaf said in an interview with “The National” magazine that Washington will not normalize, it will not lift sanctions, and it will not change its position on the Assad regime until we see it progress in a clear, deep and real way regarding the issues under UN Resolution 2254.

Leaf stressed that Washington will not consider lifting sanctions on Syria to allow for reconstruction.

Leaf expressed her understanding of the Arab view of normalization with Syria, stressing that these relations must bring about a logical change in the situation in the country.

Leaf’s statements come days after Saudi Arabia received the Foreign Minister of the Assad regime, Faisal Mikdad, on the first official visit since 2011. The two sides announced their welcome to start procedures for resuming consular services and flights between the two countries. A US State Department spokesman has previously confirmed that our position is clear, and we will not normalize relations with the Assad regime in the absence of real progress towards a political solution to the main conflict.

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