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Kilicdaroglu: Europe must share Turkey’s burden of Syrian refugees

The leader of the CHP and presidential candidate of the Nation Alliance, Kamel Kilicdaroglu, said: “Europe must shoulder its responsibility and Turkey should share the burden of Syrian refugees in the event of a possible change in governance.”

This came during a breakfast organized by Kilicdaroglu under the auspices of Future Party President Ahmed Davutoglu, through a letter he presented to European ambassadors, including EU Ambassador to Turkey Nicolaus Mayer Landrut.

Kilicdaroglu added: “The situation in Syria has made Turkey a place of protection for millions of refugees and asylum seekers, which has left Turkey with big and heavy burdens.”

“We want peace in Syria, we want our Syrian brothers who have taken refuge in our country to live in peace. We must work together and find ways and means to do so, and international organizations must place this issue at the forefront of their priorities.”

In October last year, CHP leader Kamal Kilicdaroglu announced a plan to repatriate Syrian refugees to their country in 4 phases, should they reach power.

The number of Syrian refugees inside Turkish territory is 3,627,481, 59,785 of whom reside in the camps.

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