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“No normalization with the criminal Assad…” People staged a campaign of demonstrations in several regions to reject Arab normalization with the Assad regime

Under the title “No to normalize relations with the criminal Assad,” Syrian activists called for staging mass demonstrations in northern Syria’s cities and many asylum countries in order to affirm refusing the normalization that some Arab countries are seeking with the Assad regime.

Activists, who launched the campaign on social media, affirmed the continuation of revolution against the Assad regime and called for holding him accountable. The campaign will last for several days coinciding with the demonstrations that took place on Sunday in northern Syria’s cities: Azaz, Idleb, Afrin, Akhtrin, Marea, al-Bab, Jarablus, Tal Abyad, as well as European cities and capitals.

Radio Fresh made interviews with activists and key figures in the demonstrations, Abdul Salam al-Youssef, the director of al-Tah camp, said: “We came from all regions of northern Syria, especially from the displaced camps to deliver a message to the whole world that everyone who normalize with Bashar al-Assad is a partner in killing us”. Al-Youssef added that “the displaced people in northern Syria do not trust the guarantees of return to the villages occupied by the Assad regime and the Russian forces, unless the Assad regime falls.”

Many pages posted about the campaign with the hashtag “No to normalize relations with the criminal Assad.” Activists discussed the dates, places, and times of demonstrations, starting from yesterday, Sunday, in all liberated north’s cities.

The protests came a few days after activists lunched calls emphasizing the continuation of the revolution against the Assad regime and demanding accountability for it.

Thousands of Syrians in northern Syria participated in the demonstrations that took place in dozens of cities and spilled over into the northwest of Raqqa Governorate.

Hundreds of people rallied in Sabaa Bahrat Square in Idleb city, in preparation for a central demonstration denouncing normalization with the regime, rejecting reconciliation with it, and demanding accountability for it.

The protests spread from cities and towns in Idleb countryside to the city of Tal Abyad, north of Raqqa, confirming the continuation of the Syrian revolution until the overthrow of the Assad regime and its accountability.

The Activist Mahmoud al-Bayoush, amid the Sabaa Bahrat demonstration, told Radio Fresh: “We are here in honorable and dignified Idleb to stand against normalization with the criminal Bashar al-Assad”. Mahmoud al-Bayoush blamed Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who seeks normalization and establishing relations with the Assad regime.

Demonstrations took place last April in the towns of northern Syria entitled “We die, but not to reconcile with al-Assad”, denouncing the Arab normalization with the Assad regime and stressing that normalization with this criminal regime is a crime.

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