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Cavusoglu: Turkey has no ambitions inside the Syrian territories

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu confirmed that he has agreed with the foreign ministers of Syria, Russia and Iran to set up a road map and to form a working group, during the quadripartite meeting in Moscow.

Cavusoglu said that the friends will discuss in the upcoming period the steps which will be taken to fight terrorism and how the political process will be. He confirmed that they will hold a new meeting with the four foreign ministers, according to “Hürriyet” newspaper.

Cavusoglu pointed out that Syria called for withdrawal of Turkish forces, stressing that Ankara has no ambitions in the Syrian territories, “but there is a serious threat from Syria to us, and this must be addressed on a road map.”

Cavusoglu also pointed out that his country wants to achieve stability in Syria, and emphasized the need for international cooperation for its reconstruction.

Cavusoglu stressed that 550,000 Syrian refugees have returned to their country since establishing the safe zone, stressing the need to return people to their homes, and to secure return operations in order to preserve the safety of their lives.

The foreign ministers of Syria, Turkey, Russia and Iran met in Moscow on May 10 and agreed to set up a roadmap for relations between Turkey and the Assad regime.

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