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Covid-19 cases have increased in Northwest Syria

The Syrian Civil Defence said in a Facebook post on Tuesday that the medical authorities recorded 228 new confirmed covid-19 cases in northwest Syria.

The Syrian Civil Defence added that the number of cases were recorded between 7 and 13 May, of which 29 cases were in the camps.

The Civil Defence made it clear that the spread of Covid-19 again in northwest Syria, in addition to cholera outbreak and fragile infrastructure as well as the shortage of services pose a serious threat.

The Civil Defence recommended the civilians to adhere to preventive measures as much as possible (wearing masks, social distancing, and cleaning the hands regularly) and to avoid crowded places in order to preserve their safety and reduce the spread of the epidemic.

The Civil Defence recorded at the beginning of May the rate of positive Covid-19 cases by 74% in the northwest Syria.

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