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The Syrian National Coalition: We reject the way the United Nations deals with the Assad regime

The Secretary-General of the Syrian National Coalition, Haytham Rahmeh, stated on Tuesday that he completely rejects the way the United Nations deals with the Assad regime and the calling for Assad regime to allow the use of two more humanitarian border crossings in north Syria (Bab Al-Salam and al-Raee).

Rahmeh said in a statement that “the revolutionary forces are the ones that control on the crossing areas in northern Syria, while Assad regime is genocidal regime committed hundreds on massacres against the Syrian people.”

Rahmeh emphasized that “Assad regime has no legitimacy and does not represent the Syrian people and it is the only main responsible for the crises and catastrophes inflicted on Syria over a decade.

Rahmeh pointed out that “the liberated areas have their own internationally recognized leadership, and it is completely unacceptable the United Nations’ bias towards the Assad regime in this way.”

It is noteworthy that after 12 years of freezing Assad regime’s membership, due to its oppression of the Syrian people, the participation of the Assad regime’s delegations in the meetings of the Arab League Council and all its affiliated organizations has resumed.

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