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UNHCR: We will not hamper the return of the Syrians to their country provided that their security is guaranteed

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Lebanon confirmed that it supports the return of Syrian refugees to their country, and will never hinder this, provided that “their security is guaranteed.”

The spokeswoman for the High Commissioner for Refugees, Lisa Abu Khaled, said that “The UNHCR does not call for naturalization of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, but rather what it all wants is peaceful coexistence and respect for the rights of all, so the return becomes possible”, according to the Lebanese “Al-Nashra” website.

Abu Khaled made it clear that UNHCR is working tirelessly to find sustainable solutions for refugees outside Lebanon, specifically through resettlement to third countries, and voluntary return to Syria in a safe and dignified manner.

Abu Khaled emphasized that the UNHCR continues to participate in constructive proposals to address the situation of refugees and protect them, pointing out that it is still ready to participate in concrete discussions on this.

UNHCR has previously confirmed that it has resettled nearly 8,300 refugees from Lebanon to third countries in 2022.

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