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Israel: Assad regime’s return to the Arab League will not prevent us from continuing our attacks in Syria

Israel sent clear messages to the international community, which included that Assad regime’s return to the Arab League will not prevent Israel from continuing its attacks in Syria, according to “Yedioth Ahronoth” newspaper.

Israel’s messages came during a meeting between the military leadership and the security services in Israel to assess the situation after Assad’s readmission into the Arab League.

The newspaper added that “Assad regime’s return to the Arab League points out to a serious development, and that the Israeli attacks will confront an Arab position supporting the Assad.”

The newspaper pointed out that “Assad regime’s return raises Tel Aviv’s concern over its position to fight Iran in Syria,” and that “the renewal of Saudi-Iranian relations and the rapprochement between Turkey and the Assad regime are other developments that worry Israel.”

The newspaper emphasized that Israel excludes that Arab normalization will contribute to distancing the Assad regime from Iran, and believes that it will continue to mortgage Syria and make it a platform and transit area for transferring weapons from Tehran to southern Lebanon.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant accused the international community of “double standards” for forgiving the Assad regime for its crimes, describing the Arab countries’ position on it as an “unprecedented moral fall.”

Gallant added that “while the international community closes its eyes in the face of Assad regime’s deliberate crimes against civilians, and at the same time tries to harshly prosecute Israel.

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