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Erdogan: The number of returning Syrian refugees will increase after clearing the Syrian territories of “terrorism”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed said on Tuesday that the number of Syrian refugees who will return from Turkey to their country will increase if more territories are cleared of “terrorist organizations.”

Erdogan said in an interview with the Turkish “TRT Haber” that: “We have already supported the safe return of Syrian refugees to their country from the beginning, and about 560,000 refugees have returned to northern Syria.

Concerning the number of refugees who will return to Syria, Erdogan confirmed that Ankara seeks to repatriate about one million refugees at the first stage.

Erdogan pointed out that Turkey is continuing the construction and implementation of housing projects in northwestern Syria, to create conditions for their return.

Erdogan replied to the question if there was a timetable for returning the Syrian refugees to their country that Turkey will draw up a road map after the second round of the Turkish elections scheduled for 28th of this month.

Erdogan announced that the refugee return file is on the agenda of the sponsorship meetings in Moscow between Turkey, Iran, Russia and the Assad regime, pointing out that there are “very positive indications” regarding this file.
A mysterious fate awaits the Syrian refugees, after talking about their deportation to their country at stages. In the first stage, about a million refugees will be deported, and this will be announced after the Turkish elections on the 28th of this month.

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