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Russia accuses U.S. of violating the “deconfliction” protocols in Syria

Russia accused the United States of violating the “deconfliction ” protocols in Syria.

The Deputy Head of the “Russian Center for Reconciliation” in Syria, Oleg Gorinov, stated that the US Air Force pilots have violated the deconfliction protocols, pointing out that they activate weapons systems when approaching Russian aircrafts.

Gorinov said in a press conference that “The grave violations of the deconfliction protocols and the bilateral Memorandum on Air Safety in Syria continue by the so-called U.S.-led international coalition.”

The United States and Russia agree on a series of rules with the aim of avoiding direct confrontation in Syria, and the two countries have established a special hotline, which they use to ensure that there are no miscalculations when carrying out military operations in Syria.

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