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France: Assad regime has committed massacres against its own people and will not go unpunished

The political coordinator of France to the United Nations, Isis Jarrod d’Arnaud said: “Assad regime uses systematic torture both physically and psychologically in its prisons, it also sexually abused female prisoners.

D’Arnaud affirmed in a session to the Security Council that “combating Assad’s escape from torture is a priority for France, pointing out to the importance of holding accountable the perpetrators of atrocities against the unarmed civilians in Syria.”

D’Arnaud added that “the resolution 2254 adopted by the Security Council, set the rules for a permanent peace that the Syrians aspire to, while the Assad regime rejects any peaceful political solution that guarantees a peaceful transfer of power in Syria.”

D’Arnaud called on the Assad regime to take serious and real steps towards a political solution, adding that continuing this status quo will exacerbate the situation of the Syrians. She also called for renewing the authorization of aid delivery through the Bab al-Hawa border crossing with Turkey for a full year.

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