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5 Cholera cases were recorded in northern Syria

The cities and town in north-west Syria witnessed a new spike in cholera cases in light of poor health and medical capabilities and shortages of specialized staff and equipment.

The Early Warning, Alert and Response Network (EWARN) of the Support Coordination Unit announced that it has recorded 5 new cholera cases in north-west Syria, bringing the total number of cholera cases to 696, while no cholera deaths were reported, so the number of deaths remained at 23 cases.

The (EWARN) did not record any new cholera cases in the “Peace Spring” areas in the countryside of Al-Raqqa and Al-Hasakah, leaving the total number of infections at 44, with two deaths.

Since September 2022, Syria has witnessed a cholera outbreak in several governorates, for the first time since 2009. Cholera usually appears in residential areas that suffer from a scarcity of drinking water or lack of sanitation networks.

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