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American newspaper: The restoration of Arab relations with the Assad regime holds terrifying possibilities for refugees

The New York Times newspaper reported that “re-establishing Arab relations with the Assad regime has become, in the eyes of most Syrian refugees, holding terrifying possibilities.”

The newspaper added that “this Arab rapprochement with the Assad regime is represented in their loss of the safe haven they have obtained and forcing them to leave everything they have built so hard for the sake of their new life.”

The newspaper pointed out that “the Syrian refugees throughout the Middle East have watched anxiously re-establishing Arab relations with Damascus, after more than a decade of isolation, especially since the discussions in this framework focused on the return of refugees.”

It is noteworthy that human rights organizations have been warning for years of the dangers of returning Syrians to their country, because they would face the danger of being disappeared in prisons where torture and killing are common, or being compulsorily recruited besides the government forces.

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