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Israeli researcher: Damascus has not imposed any restrictions on Iran’s activities inside Syrian territories

The director of Syria Research Program at the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University, carmit valencia, said that Damascus did not impose any restrictions on Iran’s activities in the Syrian territories, even after Bashar al-Assad again obtained Arab regional recognition.

Valencia said in an interview with “Anadolu” agency that Iran continues the military positioning in Syria and it also continues to arm and transfer weapons through the Syrian territories to “Hezbollah” in Syria and Lebanon.

Valencia pointed out that Israel considers that Assad regime’s return to the Arab League has some negative effects.

Valencia explained that Assad has become more accepted in the regional arena, “which prompts regional parties to press Israel to avoid or at least limit its military activities in Syria, especially with regard to Assad regime’s facilities.”

Valencia stressed that “nothing practical changes the situation in Syria or Israel’s freedom of action,” calling on the Arab countries to be firmer and to direct more clear demands to Assad.

The Israeli “Channel 12” had previously said in a report marking the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the attacks in Syria that the airstrikes against the sites of Iranian militias deployment in Syria did not fully achieve their desired goal.

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