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The Syrian Coalition condemns the humanitarian violations against Syrian refugees in Lebanon

The Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC) condemns the violations committed by the Lebanese authorities against the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

“There is information confirming the arrest of a number of refugees within a new campaign, and some of them were subjected to insults, beatings, vandalizing private properties in the areas of Baalbek, Zahle, and Western Bekaa District”, the (SOC) said in a Facebook post.

The (SOC) made it clear that dozens of reports and investigations demonstrated that forcibly deported refugees were subjected to detention, torture, and in many cases death.

The (SOC) called on the UN organizations and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to intervene immediately and directly to save the Syrian refugees and cease an imminent crime in case the Syrian refugees were deported to Assad regime-held areas.

The (SOC) called on the Lebanese government to cease this campaign and adhere to the refugees’ rights and international laws and norms.

The (SOC) clarified that the existence of Syrians in Lebanon is an emergency presence as thousands of families displaced to Lebanon after the Lebanese Hezbollah militias in collaboration with Assad regime forces and Iranian militias committed crimes against the Syrians in Al-Qusayr district and various areas in the governorates of Homs, Damascus, and Damascus countryside.

The Lebanese Army announced Last Saturday that it carried out a raid campaign on a number of Syrian refugee camps in the Bekaa region. Through the campaign dozens of people, who do not have identification documents, were arrested.

The (SOC) previously condemned the Lebanese authorities’ decision to stop educating Syrian students in public schools, and considered it as “illegitimate.”

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