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Activists: Assad regime concocts the violent incidents to disrupt the peaceful movement of Suwayda

Activists from Suwayda governorate in southern Syria expressed concerns over Assad regime linking to the violence incidents that happened recently in Suwayda to disrupt the popular movement calling for political transition and peaceful change in line with the UNSCR 2254.

The activist, Nadim Al-Essami, told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed website that the Assad regime seeks to fabricate these incidents to disrupt the popular movement in Suwayda and deviate it from its track, which calls for political change, despite all of these attempts there is high awareness by the activists, spiritual leaders, and civilians.

Al-Essami emphasized that the people of Suwayda are determined on the peaceful movement and do not want to be dragged into the fabricated actions of Assad regime and some of its supporters aiming to disrupt the peaceful movement and derail it of its track.

Suwayda governorate witnessed on Sunday 25th Sep. gunfire around the “Baath Party” building, and a hand grenade was thrown in front of the “Al-Mazraa” hospital in the city of Suwayda.

Demonstrations continue in Suwayda governorate and its villages and towns almost daily to emphasize the demands for change and peaceful transition in accordance with the UNSCR 2254

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