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UN statement calls for an immediate protection for civilians in north-west Syria

The UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of internally displaced persons, Paula Gaviria Betancur, said that the attacks of the Assad regime on Syria’s northern areas did not receive enough attention.

Betancur called in a statement, in partnership with the Global Protection Cluster Coordinator of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, to find a solution and provide immediate and long-term protection in north-west Syria.

The statement also urged the United Nations to immediately increase initial life-saving assistance, and to intensify initiatives to reach long-term permanent solutions.

Betancur also expressed her concern over the deadly strikes targeting populated areas, including refugee camps in the region, pointing out to the need to immediately halt these attacks affecting civilians and infrastructure.

According to the statement, Assad regime’s attacks on Syria’s northern regions are similar to patterns that were widely documented and condemned during the previous stages of the conflict in Syria.

The statement also emphasized the need to ensure that the displaced people and populations affected by the crisis are protected and not subjected to deadly attacks.

The statement made it clear that the insecurity in the region further hinders the safe delivery of aid, as many humanitarian workers in the region were killed and injured.

The statement called on the Assad regime to take tangible measures to stop all attacks on civilians and enable them access their rights, stressing that the civilians’ lives still at risk unless this is achieved.

The statement pointed out the need for the displaced to return safely and voluntarily and not to prevent them to return or being subjected to arbitrary arrest or prevented from reaching their homes.

In its conclusion, the statement called on donors to provide a guarantee that humanitarian and protection efforts will be permanently funded, which will enable partners to quickly adjust priorities and approaches.

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