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The Syrian Negotiation Commission calls on the Western countries to intervene immediately to stop the Syrian people’s tragedy

The Syrian Negotiation Commission (SNC) gathered with the Western countries’ envoys to discuss the Syrian file and the development of the political process.

The head of the SNC, Bader Jamous, called on the participants “to really intervene to stop the Syrian people’s tragedy.”

Jamous warned during the meeting against the stalemate of the political process in Syria and against Assad regime’s rejection to any meaningful steps towards achieving a progress in the UNSCR 2254.

Jamous claimed that normalization with Assad regime did not come with any benefits, but spreading more Captagon in the neighboring countries, according to SNC’s statement.

Jamous emphasized “the need to take more effective steps in the political process, making progress in detainees file and revealing their fate in Assad regime’s prisons, and developing an international mechanism to hold those engaged in the mass killings of Syrian people accountable.”

Jamous stressed the need for the humanitarian files in Syria to be controlled only by the United Nations because Assad regime is the reason for deteriorating the humanitarian situation. Jamous also affirmed the importance of delivering aid for those in need in Syria without any politicization and discrimination.

According to the statement, the Western envoys confirmed their complete commitments to support the Syrian people and the political process in accordance with the international resolutions which achieve stability in Syria, in addition to fully implementation of UNSCR 2254.

The meeting headed by Bader Jamous with the participation of envoys from USA, UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, EU, Turkey, Italy, Denmark, Kanada, Egypt, Qatar, UN, as part of the periodic meeting of the SNC with the participation of all its components.

The SNC will organize on Saturday its internal meeting with the participation of all its members to address the main issues and find solution, and the need for the United Nations to fulfil its main duty regarding the Syrian cause, especially finding a mechanism to implement the relevant UNSC resolutions, in addition to discuss the internal issues and commissions, according to a previous statement.

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