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Syria Civil Defence documents 15 guided-missile attacks by Assad regime during this year

The Syrian Civil Defence issued a statement, confirming that Assad regime forces carried out 15 high-precision guided-missile attacks, resulting in the death of 5 civilians and the injury of 15 others, since the beginning of this year until November 16th.

The statement made it clear that this escalation and its consequences threaten the lives of civilians in north-west Syria, prevent farmers from reaching their agricultural lands to work and harvest the olive crop, and undermine livelihoods.

The statement stated that 27 civilians were targeted in north-west Syria with guided missiles during 2022, killing 10 civilians and injuring 36 others.

The statement pointed out that Assad regime forces and Russia dangerously and systematically escalated their missile, artillery and air shelling on north-west Syria during October 2023, using internationally banned incendiary and cluster weapons.

The Civil Defence concluded its statement by saying: Civilians in the region are experiencing a difficult humanitarian situation, with the continued systematic escalation campaigns.

The countryside of Idleb, Aleppo, and Hama provinces have been subjecting to artillery and missile shelling by Assad regime forces with the participation of Russian warplanes, which resulted in the killing and injuring dozens of civilians, and displacing thousands of families from their areas to the border areas with Turkey.

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