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Stalemate has prevailed on the normalization process between Ankara and Assad regime for five months

Stalemate has prevailed on the process of normalizing relations between Ankara and Assad regime since the last quadripartite meeting at the level of deputy foreign ministers of Syria, Turkey, Russia, and Iran.

The researcher in the international relations, Mahmoud Allouh, confirmed that Ankara could talk again about normalizing relations with Damascus before the local elections in the upcoming March, according to “Raise Your Voice” website.

Alloush made it clear that critical breaches in the track of normalization remain “far away” currently.

Alloush considered that the file of Turkish existing in northern Syria is a major obstacle in normalization track, but it did not prevent the continuation of diplomatic movement.

While the researcher Wael Alwan pointed out that the Turkish president’s victory in the presidential elections is one of the reasons to halt the Syrian-Turkish normalization process, in addition to the fact that the Russian initiative took its time without Damascus showing any desire to make concessions.

Alwan explained that Ankara is not seriously interested in normalizing relations with Damascus, but to establish more confidence with Russia.

It is noteworthy that about five months ago, preparations for an upcoming meeting between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Syrian counterpart, Bashar al-Assad, were almost complete, but they were not completed because Bashar al-Assad increased his demands, which included the withdrawal of the Turkish army from Syrian territory in the north, as a condition for normalization.

On the other hand, Turkey set a group of conditions for military withdrawal from Syrian territory, which are manifested by holding elections in Syria, drafting a new constitution, and forming a government that includes all segments of the people.

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