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UK Special Representative to Syria: The Syrian crisis is not over and there is an urgent humanitarian need

UK Special Representative to Syria, Ann Snow, affirmed that the Syrian crisis is not over and is still exists. She also confirmed that there is an urgent humanitarian need must be taken into consideration through ensuring to provide the urgent humanitarian needs to Syrians affected by the war, especially in northwest Syria.

This statement came during her participation in the two-day Doha forum on the Syrian crisis in the presence of the heads of countries and international and regional organizations.

Snow said that “the Syrian crisis has entered its 13th year and has left devastating impact on the Syrian people, killing about half a million people, displacing more than13 million, and causing a large-scale destruction to the infrastructure and economy of Syria.”

While the French envoy to Syria, Brigitte Cormi, emphasized the importance of getting a wider political support and international cooperation to end the Syrian tragedy which has been ongoing since 2011. Cormi also stressed the need to implement the international resolutions and hold Assad regime accountable for escaping these resolutions, especially after the political process reached a stalemate.

The head of the Syrian National Coalition, Hadi al-Bahra, said that “the Syrian crisis in Syria has recently turned into a humanitarian catastrophe after reducing the UN assistances.

For his part, UN Special Envoy to Syria, Geir Pedersen, stressed that the crisis in this country needs urgent international intervention and the need for the participation of the Iranians, Russians, Turks and Americans, as they are among the players strongly involved in the Syrian file.

Pedersen also pointed out the political process has reached a stalemate and an approach must be found between the Assad regime and the opposition. Pedersen expressed his hope that the status quo would be changed as soon as possible, warning that unless that happened, “we will lose another opportunity to help end the Syrian conflict in a negotiated manner.”

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