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UN warns against the continuation of military attacks on civilians in northern Syria

UN Secretary-General Spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, said that the civilians in northwest Syria have been still affected by the military escalation of the Assad regime and Russia.

Dujarric’s statement came during the daily press conference, in which he clarified that the shelling on the residential neighborhoods in Idleb and Sarmin cities on December 9, 2023, killed 9 civilians and injured 33 others, including women and children.

Dujarric added that the shelling also sparked fires in city’s market, in addition to the shelling on displacement camp which led to the destruction of displaced persons shelters.

Dujarric stated that the above-mentioned attack is the latest one in a series of attacks during the two previous weeks.

Dujarric pointed out that on December 2, 2023, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported that one of the schools in Idleb was subjected to bombardment while the students were at school, injuring some of the teachers and students.

Dujarric also pointed out that the fighting in northwest Syria since October 5, 2023 led to the killing of at least 92 civilians, 40% of them were children, and injuring nearly 400 others.

Regarding northeast Syria, Violent clashes took place in Deir Ezzor, causing civilian casualties and damage to vital civilian infrastructure, including water stations and schools, while nearly 27,000 people remain displaced since last August 2023, which saw the start of hostilities in the region.

The Syrian Civil Defence (The White Helmets) documented 1,158 attacks by Assad regime forces and Russia, from the beginning of this year until the end of last November, killing145 people, including 42 children and 21 women, and injuring 607 people, including 191 children and 93 women.

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