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Assad regime forces commit a new massacre in western Aleppo and continue to shell Idleb city and its countryside

7 Civilians were killed in Assad regime’s missile shelling on Darat Ezza city and al-Ebzemo town in western Aleppo countryside on December 17, 2023.

Radio Fresh’s correspondent reported that Assad regime forces targeted with several missiles Darat Ezza in western Aleppo, killing 2 civilians and injuring others.

2 civilians were also killed due to similar shelling on al-Abzemo town in western Aleppo countryside, according to the correspondent.

Several towns and villages in Jabal al-Zawiya in southern Idleb were also subjected to missile and artillery shelling by Assad regime forces, however no human casualties were reported.

The correspondent said that Assad regime forces targeted with heavy artillery the southern parts of Kansafra town and al-Fatirah village in southern Idleb, and no civilian casualties were reported.

Syrian Response Coordination Group has warned against a new displacement movement in northern Syria due to Assad regime’s focusing its continuous shelling on Idleb city and its surrounding.

The Group said in a statement: “Hundreds of thousands of civilians in Idleb city and its vicinity are at risk of displacement into unknown places as a result of targeting the city and its vicinity with heavy artillery and rocket launchers.

The Group added: “A new attack by Assad regime forces on the de-escalation zone was recorded in northern Syria, targeting one of the largest areas containing hundreds of thousands of civilians in Idleb city. This is the 20th targeting by Syrian regime forces and Russia since the beginning of this year until today in light of civilians’ rising concerns over expanding the targeting of those areas.”

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