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The Turkish immigration reveals new procedures for refugees wishing to leave the country

The Turkish Immigration Service revealed a new procedure regarding the holders of a “temporary protection” card who wish to go to a third country.

Under the new procedures, holders of a “temporary protection” card must visit the immigration department of their state and explain their desire to go to a third country, to be given a “voluntary return” form, on the basis of which they are granted a “travel permit” that authorizes them to leave Turkey.

The Immigration Department said that the “voluntary return” and “travel permit” forms allow the Syrian refugee to go to one of the border gates or airports to leave Turkish territory after handing over the “temporary protection” card (Kimlik), which points out the end of his rights as a refugee in the Turkish state.

The Immigration Department pointed out that there is no article in the “temporary protection” law for refugees that allows a refugee to leave Turkish territory and return to it as he wants, pointing out that the law imposes on the refugee, upon leaving Turkish territory, a decision preventing entry into the country for a period starting from one month and up to five years.

The Immigration Department pointed out the possibility of sending refugee papers to the Turkish Immigration Presidency in Ankara after submitting a request for “travel permit” to leave Turkish territory for a third country, for several reasons, the most important of which is ensuring the authenticity of the papers submitted and the third country’s approval to receive him.

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