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About 7,000 orphans were registered in Assad regime-controlled areas during 2023

The Director of Social Policies at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in the Assad regime’s government, Awatif Hasan, revealed the number of orphans in light of the absence of the necessary care and subjecting the vast majority of them to indiscriminatory policies by Assad regime’s institutions.

According to statistics conducted by the directorates of social affairs and labor in the governorates for the year 2023, “the number of orphans reached approximately 7 7,000 children.”

Hasan said: “The number of children who lost care due to earthquake in the governorates of Latakia, Aleppo, Hama, and Idleb is 51 children, who were internally or externally sponsored by the care homes in the governorates.”

Hasan said that “The number of sponsored children form 2019 until now has reached 67113 children.”

People inside Syria rely on social solidarity as a main way to deal with issues of this kind, and many of them try to sponsor orphans by various means and methods, and they also direct their money to orphanages and charitable organizations.

It is noteworthy that in the last official statistics published in 2018, the number of children in orphanages in Syria reached 32000 children, including 22000 children in Damascus and its countryside.

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